Friday, June 22, 2007

Ukulele Picnic 2007 Pre-event

Ukulele Picnic 2007, a free admission, big-name ukulele bash, is coming up 18 August. I will be be bringing some of the details to this blog in the very near future.

More pressing is the pre-event. On 16 July, there will be a concert given by many of the musicians performing at the main even in August. Those appearing at the pre-event include Sekiguchi Kazuyuki, Iwao, Arizato Tomoka, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, yoheiOKAMOTO, Ukulele Eiji, Ukulele Elvis, Alani Ohana Band, Dan, and Hirai Dai. (Hirai Dai is a 16-year-old protegy that will probably a big name in another 5-6 years. He was one of the opening acts at last year's Ukulele Super Jam.)

Tickets are 3,000 yen and include a drink at the venue, the DUO Music Exchange.

More details are available at the website. This link will lead you to a page covering all the various Ukulele Picnic info. Information on the pre-event is about 1/5 up from the bottom of this long page.

There will also be an "Ukulele Picnic four strings, for life" coming out in July. You can get some previews of some of the songs here.

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