Thursday, December 21, 2006

more ukulele videos

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a few links to some Japanese ukulele videos. Today, I will add a couple of more to that list.

Someone posted what looks like most of a Kuricorder Quartet concert on YouTube. The link here will take you to the first song. They are all numbered, so following from there should not be a great trauma.

Tsuji Ayano has a couple of videos there as well. This is for her Fly High song. This video starts out with an interview and a contest for sorting cards(?!). The song comes later on. This is a music video for Sha La La.

Here is a rather odd rather non-pro piece.

Watanababy makes an appearance in this one.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Some ukulele videos

This week, I will let some pictures say a thousand are some ukulele videos from Japan.
These first two are from the Ukulele Ultraman project.
The Ultraman Theme song
and the Ultraseven Theme

The second two I found are commercials featuring ukuleles
A candy commercial featuring an ukulele playing girl
and an old commercial with another (at-the-time) girl

Here is one on a resourceful duo.

As you can see, all of these came from YouTube. I will add a few more after YouTube comes back from the maintainance it has just started.

Friday, December 01, 2006

T.T. Cafe

T. T. Cafe is a man-woman duo who's visibility has picked up in the past few months. This month they are on Channel 2 of Rolling Coconut TV.

Most of the publicity seems to be revolving around the release of their Cafezinho album. This album sports a variety of genres. The first song is Chattanooga Choo-choo, the second is the Pink Panther theme, and (skipping down a bit) fourth is Quiero Dancar Com Voce (plus requisite diacriticals). Going through the videos should give you sufficient idea of what sort of things they are up to.

This album follows their first release, which came in August, 2005.

A visit to their website will lead you to their video archives where you can see them perform as a duo or with others. You can also download their 2.4Mb profile pdf file if you have time to burn.

Ukulele Mozart

JVC Music will be releasing 20 December a new ablum of Mozart played on ukuleles. Samples of the songs are available on the website. Those interested will no doubt recognize the songs, so we will skip the ditty list this time around. There is a video clip of the fourth song of the album, the first movement of the 25th symphony. It is entertaining if nothing else. (The Salieri voice is apparently that of Ukulele Eiji.)

Songs 1-7 are played by Kondo Kenji of Kurikorder Quartet fame. Matsui Tomotaka, who put together the Mozart tab book recently featured here, plays songs 8-14.

The website is taking advanced sales for 2,800 (tax included). I have no idea if they ship overseas or not, however.