Friday, January 19, 2007

Ukulele maker sites

Here is a quick list of some smaller ukulele makers here in Japan.

First, there is Urabe based in Kyoto. He has made a few unusual ukuleles which I hope to report on soon. In case you get tempted, here is his price list. Sorry, folks, the whole thing is in Japanese. The price lists includes materials. The four charts show sopranos, medium-sopranos, concerts, and finally concert-tenor sizes at the bottom of the page.

La Uke's product page has enough English in it to make it readable for the non-Japanese reader. As does the more down-market Loco Ukulele page.

Isana ukuleles can be nice to look at. I have never heard one, so I can not make much comment on sound or playability.

And finally, Ohana, a shop in Osaka, has a page to view some of the more flashy ukuleles they flog.

I apologize for the lengthy absence, work has been very busy. This blog will be seeing more frequent posting again in the very near future. Thanks for the understanding.