Friday, June 29, 2007

New Ukulele Method book

Kiyoshi Kobayashi is coming out with a new ukulele method book and CD soon. The English title is simply "Ukulele Method", but a direct translation of the Japanese title would run something like "Ukulele Method--Effective Training Book for Each Finger".

When this 96-page volume does come out, it will be interesting to see exactly what the contents are. The blurb on the publisher's website claims it is a "practical and effective pratice method for beginners playing for the first time to players that want to bring their performances to a higher level".

In an interview with "Rolling Coconuts", the author discussed the fact that even he has to make the effort of practicing with all his fingers and noted the fact that he does not always use his little finger as effectively as he would like. The implication seems to be "use this book to give all your fingers the workout". Being about US$30--¥2,625 including tax, I would like to get a look at it before plopping down the dough.

Supposedly, the book was due to come out tomorrow, but both the publisher's and Amazon Japan's website are a little vague about the exact date. It leads one to speculate that there may have been some last minute trouble of some sort. I have to run down to Tokyo in a week or two. I hope I can have a good look at it then.

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